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The Richards Family

Our child has struggles socially for his age and the staff at Fairy Forest were truly wonderful. The communication about how our child was doing in the classroom and how we could plan for his success was constant and honest. Teacher Josh and his staff are kind, patient and phenomenal with children. I would highly recommend Fairy Forest to anyone looking to make new friends for their little one.


The Ferguson Family

Send your kiddos to Fairy Forest! My child loves it so much! This is a program unlike any other. The teachers are all amazing. Teacher Josh went above and beyond to make my child feel comfortable from the first day we toured the place. 10 out of 10! I can’t say enough good things about this!!!

The Krier Family

Teacher Josh was my son’s educator for his second year of preschool. He was an instrumental part of his social and creative development and Josh could not have put us at a better advantage for our journey into kindergarten. Each day, week, month, that my son interacted with Josh and his peers the more his interests expanded. Josh’s emotional support is beyond compare. He provided a safe space for big feelings and helped find the best solutions when those feelings were hard to manage. Honestly, he is just such an exceptional educator and I am thrilled for all of his future students!

The Quinlan Family

We highly recommend Teacher Josh as an early-childhood educator. He has been a true blessing for our family. Josh has a natural talent for working with children, and his positive energy is contagious. He has a wonderful way of connecting with the kids and making them feel at ease. Our youngest child can be a handful at times, but Josh is always patient and attentive. He has a knack for anticipating children’s needs and ensuring that they are well taken care of. I have complete peace of mind when I leave our children in his care. Josh truly goes above and beyond to create a safe and nurturing environment for the kids. Thank you, Josh, for all that you do!

The Collins Family

Teacher Josh is absolutely magical! He has such an amazing way of combining his fun personality and supportive nature to create an environment that the kids absolutely thrive in. He was so incredible when my daughter was dealing with some separation anxiety. He came up with some super creative ways to help her and I’m so thankful to him for his kindness and patience. Teacher Josh is such a gift to have in the world and your child will have the best experience learning from him.

The Daley Family

Teacher Josh was the most wonderful preschool educator we could have wished for for our son. He truly got to know him and made him feel so special and happy to see him each morning. He has such a positive way of interacting with the children from drop off time to the very end of the day. Josh has a creative way of teaching through music and silly songs for example, all while focusing on the individual needs of each child. We have nothing but the fondest memories looking back at our time with Josh and only wish we could have had more time!

The Perez Family

We have been truly blessed to have Teacher Josh this past year. Our daughter, Avery, quickly became comfortable with his gentle and fun presence. She asks every morning, "will Teacher Josh be at school today!?" Teacher Josh is very engaging with the children. He is super talented and creative and Avery always talks about the fun games they play and the different instruments he explores with them. He has allowed her to grow more confident in many ways and has encouraged her to step outside her comfort zone, preparing her for kindergarten in ways we couldn't have imagined.  Above all, Teacher Josh is playful and always makes the kids laugh! We are so happy for him, and know his new school will be a great success! His new students will be so lucky to have him!

The Lenahan Family

I could not have asked for a better preschool experience and classroom environment for our daughter than what Teacher Josh has provided. He is a bright light and excellent role model when it comes to teaching young children what being a good human looks like. He has a genuine joy and magic and compassion and kindness that everyone - not just the kids, but the grownups too - can't help but respond to. Josh cares deeply about teaching, understanding the strengths of each student, and creating a learning environment that allows them to shine. He noticed our daughter seemed to be holding back in class earlier in the year and was so thoughtful about finding the best way to connect with her to bring her out of her shell. He created amazing opportunities for her to express herself and take on a leadership role in activities that she cares about; her confidence has grown immensely. I will be forever grateful to Josh for creating such a safe, nurturing learning environment for our daughter, and for laying a positive foundation for her to become a lifelong learner. 

The Precourt Family

Teacher Josh has been my son’s lead teacher for the 2022/2023 school year. I have a degree in education and feel very fortunate to have my son in his class at such an important foundational time in his life. I’m always amazed by Teacher Josh’s energy and enthusiasm. What impresses me most is the level of care and consciousness he provides for my son’s development. He is concerned with the same things I believe most important for my child at the moment such as increasing confidence, using a strong voice, and encouraging self compassion. He is constantly using creative ways to keep my son engaged with the group through lots of patience and humor. I highly recommend teacher Josh! 

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